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Okay, I posted the wrong video earlier. Just wanted to say hello to all my friends, you know who you are! I miss you all, and I have been staying busy on my other blog. Just wanted to let you all know that I think about you all the time. While it isn’t a video diary complete with boobs hanging out, it is the best I could do..LOL! Hope you all enjoy my new video! Thanks to all my friends on here who helped shape me into the Motherclucker that I am. Hugs to all! MC

Hey Everybody!!!

Hey to all my friends, I’ve missed you! I have been soooo busy with my other blog exposing corporate greed within child support enforcement in Tennessee. I hope everyone is doing well, and I just wanted to drop all my friends a quick post. Thanks to everyone for helping me become the Motherclucker that I am! Visit my other blog if you can!

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When I Was A Kid There Was No Shredded Cheese!

Hey Everybody! This is a post from my other blog , but I thought I’d post it here on my WordPress so you all could have a laugh.  Not that Bozo the Clown doesn’t give us enough to laugh about these days..LOL! Keep reading and have a laugh on Motherclucker! Peace!

When I Was A Kid There Was No Shredded Cheese!

Today, I got to thinking about my younger days. And when I say my younger days, I mean around the age of 7 or 8. The year would have been 1977-1978, and the world was a sunshiny, goldenrod colored flower with avocado colored leaves that grew from a beautiful pile of fluffy orange shag carpet! I then began to remember that when I was a kid, you couldn’t buy shredded cheese in a bag. If you wanted shredded cheese, in 1977, you had to buy a brick of it, and shred it yourself. This opened up a whole new can of worms within my thought process. I suppose every generation before ours has looked at the younger one behind them and thought, “wow, what a bunch of spoiled little punk babies!” Perhaps it’s because I am getting older by the minute that I have taken on this air of being an “old fart”, so to speak. It is a tragically unavoidable air that sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. One minute you’re 7, then the next minute you are 40. I suppose that’s just the way time works. I’d like to think that 40 isn’t that old, but when I think about the things that we did, and didn’t have, in the 70’s, it is sort of crazy weird man! LOL! So here is my list called When I Was A Kid There Was No Shredded Cheese In A Bag, And….

If you wanted to listen to music, you listened to a radio station and waited for your favorite song, or you bought a record (a big vinyl disk shaped object that spins around on a thing called a record player). When I was 7 they still hadn’t invented cassette tapes yet. They were still called 8 track tapes. If you don’t know what that is, look it up…LOL! There was no such thing as ear buds, or headphones. If you did have a pair of headphones, you were either a “disk jockey”, or a “ham radio operator”.

Our video games did not move with our body. We had a stick, and a button! We fought space invaders, ate ghosts, blew up asteroids, won races, and saved princess’ that were held captive by gorillas, all with a STICK and a BUTTON! Don’t mess with me, punk!

A cell phone? If I had seen a cell phone in 1977, I would have thought it was a Star Trek Communicator! Me and my friends would have tried to overthrow the universe with this device. We also would have attempted to communicate with aliens, or use it to travel through time. There were no push buttons on phones, either. They were all rotary dial phones. If you had a push button phone in 1977, you were from another planet, or you at least worked there, and you knew the secret of time travel and the alien language.

NO CABLE TELEVISION! Aaaaah! That’s right, Kids! I said it! We only had 3 channels on the TV. How did we ever survive our childhood?! Cartoons could only be watched on 1 channel, 1 day a week, which was Saturday. If you were a kid, in 1977, and you missed Saturday morning cartoons, it was considered blasphemous to your peers. If you tried to lie about it, they would catch you through a series of pop quiz interrogation, then you would be humiliated and called a “hound dog”, or something…lol!

Cars had no seat belts in 1977. Nope! When we traveled down the road in 1977, we crawled in the floor board, laid in the back window, hung from the headrests, performed aerobatics while diving from the front seat to the backseat, and sometimes when the parents weren’t looking, we rolled the window down and hung the whole upper half of our body out the window while screaming “Born Free!”

I could go on and on…these are the most memorable things to me. That, and the cheese, of course! LOL!

There’s that word again… “Unprecedented”..

Is there no end to the word unprecedented in Barack Obama’s vocabulary. Obama has now referred to the Gulf Oil Spill as an “unprecedented disaster“. I’ve got to give him credit, though. At least this time, his use of the word is correct.

In case you missed it, here’s a link an old article “The White House’s unprecedented use of the word ‘unprecedented'”.

Here are just a few of his quotes involving his unprecedented use of the word:

“We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action.”

Obama noted, for example, that world leaders took“unprecedented steps” on nuclear nonproliferation at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that he was the first U.S. president ever to chair.

“Obama has said he “took office amid unprecedented economic turmoil” and that the situation demanded “unprecedented international cooperation” and resulted in his signing of the “unprecedented” Recovery Act. Yet it seems the Great Depression and the New Deal might be considered precedents for the current economic crisis and the $787 billion stimulus plan.”

“an unprecedented effort to root out waste and inefficiency”

On bipartisanship, Obama raised a few eyebrows when during his first press conference he cited “putting three Republicans in my Cabinet” as “something that is unprecedented.”

These quotes came from a Politico article on Yahoo News:

Give me a break!

You Can View More About Child Support in Tennessee at my other Blog:

Apparently Tennessee General Assembly Representative Joann Favors was smoking pot herself, when she decided to do THIS. For those of you who don’t want to read it (caution: may cause an extreme case of situational turrets syndrome), I’ll sum it up for you. Ms. Favors, apparently feels sorry for unemployed NON-CUSTODIAL parents, not the CUSTODIAL parents who are the main care givers of the children. Ms. Favors feels that there are some NON-CUSTODIAL parents who are seeking employment, but they just can’t find it. She feels sorry for them being “brought in on non-support charges”. If you want to become even more nauseous, you can read the Child Support Bill that she AMENDED to help out these losers, some of who are already thousands of dollars past due on their child support.

In Tennessee, a non-custodial parent HAD a whopping 45 days to come up with any amount of child support. If they pay $20 dollars every 45 days, then they are in the clear! Yep, that’s right folks! Nothing can be done to them. So..what did Ms. Favors do, you ask? Well, she amended SENATE BILL 1064 so they now have 90 days (aka 3 whole months) to get even more behind on their child support without being penalized. With that being said, I would like to ask Ms. Favors, who the hell’s pocket she thinks arrears are coming out of? The Answer: MINE LADY! Do you think that just because non-custodial parents can’t find work that the child just disappears into oblivion? Do you think that just because non-custodial parents can’t afford to pay their child support, that the medical bills, clothes, groceries, household bills, gas, school supplies, diapers,  and all other expenses just disappear too? So what you’re saying Ms. Favors is that WE SHOULD GIVE THESE POOR NON CUSTODIAL PARENTS a break! Right! Well, what about my break, Ms. Favors, because now thanks to YOU, I am going to have to suck up his half! You didn’t think about that, did you, Ms. Favors? This is the most ridiculous amendment to a bill I have ever witnessed. While I am okay, and can handle taking the brunt to some extent, there are a lot of women who are going to be flooding the Dept. Of Human Services wanting emergency cash assistance all because these slackers aren’t pulling their weight! I bet you didn’t think about that either? I am so happy that Tea Party Activists heckled you! With all the ruckus going on in the Tennessee Senate, you probably should start packing your bags! This is why you Democrats have to go! You are working for the wrong people! No wonder the Democratic Logo is a jackass! Because that’s exactly what you represent!


Bi***ing about taxes…

Today, I was pondering the way of the government, and taxes. I am starting to really get irritated with the idea that Mr. O knows what’s best for me, more so than I do. With that being said, I shall elaborate on the recent hike in taxes on cigarettes. I realize cigarettes are bad for you, but it is still a personal choice. Does Mr. O really want people to quit smoking? Then why not just make it against the law to purchase them? Well, he’s not going to do that. Why? You ask. Well it’s simple. He makes too much money in TAXES from it. To make a long story short, I made a list of things that are bad for you that I think should be taxed. I believe Mr. O could make a ton of money by taxing these things, and maybe tax something different to make up for the purchase price of his must have Portuguese water dog. So here ya go, Mr. O…

McDonald’s French Fry Tax – These things are terrible for you, but people can’t seem to get enough of them. Tax it!

Text Messaging Tax or TMT, as I like to call it – There is nothing more dangerous than a 17 year old driving down the road, while engaging in this so called practice. There should be a tax on text messaging. Teens are addicted to it! Mr. O could make a fortune.

StarBucks Coffee Tax – What could be worse for your heart than slamming down a Starbucks Coffee with a double shot of espresso and extra cream. You go from barely breathing to blazing fast within seconds. This is bad for you. It should be taxed. End of story.

Bumping Loud Stereo Tax – When you purchase radio accessories designed to increase the decibel level of your car stereo, then you must fill out a form, and pay a huge tax on your purchase. This really isn’t dangerous to your health, but it could annoy someone to the point of donning camouflage, buying a paintball gun, and lying in their yard waiting for a certain car to drive by their house. That’s when it becomes dangerous to someone’s health.

Thievery Tax – You steal, you get caught, you pay a tax! LOL!

Kentucky Fried Chicken Tax – See above, McDonald’s French Fry Tax.

Ice Cream Tax – Delicious, cold, full of artery clogging cream, and massively consumed! Tax it! It is terrible for you, but oh…so…delicious!

Carbonated Beverage Tax – There’s already talk of this by Mr. O. Soda pop, coke, whatever you prefer to call it, is bad for you. People love it, and can’t live without it! New slogan: “Have a Coke and a Tax!” LOL!

These are just a few, but I’m getting tired now…what do you think?


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