For Don and others like him…

I was recently attacked via comment on one of my blogs. It all began over my government health care blog. A man named Don (whose comments have been removed due to nasty language, and name calling), expounded about how wonderful the government run health care is in Canada. So, I thought I’d post a few links for him to gain knowledge from actual people who live in Canada. I’d advise others like him to read up also.

Here is a link to an article where the architect of the Canadian Health Care system, Claude Castonguay, admits that their health care system is in complete shambles.

Here’s another IBD article that discusses Canada’s recent cut in thousands of surgeries, in order to balance the budget.

Here is an article from The Canada Free Press, written by an actual Canadian,  about the failure of their health care system.

And when you are finished reading, don’t bother commenting, because you will only be mad that your vicious babble proved wrong. And your comments are not welcome here, since you apparently cannot control your foul mouth, Don!

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2 Comments on “For Don and others like him…”

  1. niecey456 says:

    Mother Clucker, I read this post as well as the original one you wrote that Don attacked you on. I didn’t see that, as I had been gone for a little while, but I will say this, YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON THIS SUBJECT!!! I completely agree with you.
    As far as attack bloggers, well, you know I’ve had my fair share. Many of which never get past moderation, so most don’t ever see their comments. I keep my settings to where all new commenters are moderated the first time, and it usually heads this kind of thing off. I just don’t put up with it.
    I don’t mind someone having a different view point, but there is such a thing as just common human descency. I don’t treat others that way, and I will not allow anyone to come in attacking. Most attack bloggers do not even know why they believe what they say they believe it’s all about the attack. I call them BS bloggers.
    Okay, I’m off my soap box. Sorry.
    Excellent posts, both of them! :)

  2. September says:

    I am so afraid this mess is going to pass. It’s the biggest power grab yet. The Dems know they have to get it done prior to the midterms, cause they know they will lose seats. God bless America and stand beside her, because he’s the only hope we have.


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