Give me a break!

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Apparently Tennessee General Assembly Representative Joann Favors was smoking pot herself, when she decided to do THIS. For those of you who don’t want to read it (caution: may cause an extreme case of situational turrets syndrome), I’ll sum it up for you. Ms. Favors, apparently feels sorry for unemployed NON-CUSTODIAL parents, not the CUSTODIAL parents who are the main care givers of the children. Ms. Favors feels that there are some NON-CUSTODIAL parents who are seeking employment, but they just can’t find it. She feels sorry for them being “brought in on non-support charges”. If you want to become even more nauseous, you can read the Child Support Bill that she AMENDED to help out these losers, some of who are already thousands of dollars past due on their child support.

In Tennessee, a non-custodial parent HAD a whopping 45 days to come up with any amount of child support. If they pay $20 dollars every 45 days, then they are in the clear! Yep, that’s right folks! Nothing can be done to them. So..what did Ms. Favors do, you ask? Well, she amended SENATE BILL 1064 so they now have 90 days (aka 3 whole months) to get even more behind on their child support without being penalized. With that being said, I would like to ask Ms. Favors, who the hell’s pocket she thinks arrears are coming out of? The Answer: MINE LADY! Do you think that just because non-custodial parents can’t find work that the child just disappears into oblivion? Do you think that just because non-custodial parents can’t afford to pay their child support, that the medical bills, clothes, groceries, household bills, gas, school supplies, diapers,  and all other expenses just disappear too? So what you’re saying Ms. Favors is that WE SHOULD GIVE THESE POOR NON CUSTODIAL PARENTS a break! Right! Well, what about my break, Ms. Favors, because now thanks to YOU, I am going to have to suck up his half! You didn’t think about that, did you, Ms. Favors? This is the most ridiculous amendment to a bill I have ever witnessed. While I am okay, and can handle taking the brunt to some extent, there are a lot of women who are going to be flooding the Dept. Of Human Services wanting emergency cash assistance all because these slackers aren’t pulling their weight! I bet you didn’t think about that either? I am so happy that Tea Party Activists heckled you! With all the ruckus going on in the Tennessee Senate, you probably should start packing your bags! This is why you Democrats have to go! You are working for the wrong people! No wonder the Democratic Logo is a jackass! Because that’s exactly what you represent!


3 Comments on “Give me a break!”

  1. Carol in VA says:

    Good morning. You are right on. This whole system keeps feeding these lazy bums. From the top of our govt to the lowest ones. Nobody is being made to be honest and hard working. The folks that are get taxed and nickel and dimed to death.

    • So true, Carol! Well, there are gonna be a lot of women having to jump into the welfare line because of this “save the losers” mentality, I think that’s what the Dems want anyway…ridiculous!

  2. september says:

    I feel like Alice in Wonderland,right is wrong, up is down and these politicians have been at the Mad Hatters tea party too long. They need to come to a real tea party.

    If you want to see just how great the divide check out Rassmuson’s polls. The political class thinks that congress is doing a great job while main street by a large majority thinks that people randomly selected from the phone book could do a better job than this bunch.

    November can’t get here soon enough.


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