Motherclucker is….

A very loud and opinionated single mom. You will know I am near when you hear the sound of my helicopter blades whirring through the madness of the moment.

Peace and Love,


6 thoughts on “Motherclucker is….

  1. Hi MC, Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your precious family a wonderful Christmas.

    Thank you for the laughs and the belly aches after the laughing.

    God Bless you and looking forward to more of your great writing.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Oh, thank you, Nancy! We did have a wonderful Christmas…we were really blessed this Christmas, and I am very thankful. I hope that yours was equally as wonderful. A New Year is dawning, complete with new fodder for writing! LOL! It is guaranteed to be a laughable 2010! Merry Christmas to you, Nancy.

  2. hi!
    it’s been forever since I stopped by, let alone to say hello! I just wanna say good job and share this: Feb 3rd will be 74 months heroin free for me. If you know anyone who dabbles, send them to my page. I went from an MCSE knocking down big $$$ with a beautiful family to prisoner #110421. Hard drugs are no joke and will eat a person alive. Anyhow, keep it up!I promise to top by more.

  3. Hey Thom! I’m so glad to hear from you. You are always in my prayers, and I am so proud of you for the obstacles that you have overcome. It takes a very strong person to be where you are now. I am glad that you have a place to come to, for laughter and smiles! LOL! Please be strong for me, and remember you are always in my prayers…Peace and Love, MC

    • thanks! Likewise. Today is after hearing and I took me girl down to barnes & noble to celebrate with a coffee and good net connect :-) I went with me parish priest to BestBuy today to help him pick out a laptop (MCSE, donna want him to get ripped by them unneeded ‘optimizations, etc.) so its been a great day. Keep it up.

  4. I ran into “Everybody‚Äôs gotta make their dollar!” Looking for a better way to check my child support card, AKA chase visa debit card. I seen that was in 2009 and now its 2012 and its not any better. I lived in Louisiana and moved to Oklahoma and there are still no places here to get my money without being charged. Oklahoma has yet to use the chase system for child support but they do for unemployment. I wish they would just deposit it straight to my account. This way I get it and can keep better track of it. The only thing I can say is he has to [ay to have it put on my card but I have to pay the rest like getting it off the card or checking it more then 3 times a mouth. My dad had to go on unemployment and they put it on the same card and he has the same problem as I do. Not saying I like it but, I guess its good to know IM not the only one who’s being screwed.

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